Ready Saws

Now ready for purchase- $99 dovetail saws.

I am closing saw orders until the end of February. Will be back online at that time with ready to ship saws.

Here it is (brown ebony)- $99 dovetail saws.

These saws are made completely in house starting with raw stock. There was only one way to hit the $99 price point- make each component…and make the process efficient.

16ppi Rip

10” tooth line

1 5/8” Depth of cut

Friction fit brass back (same function as a folded back)

Hammer set teeth

Hand filed

.018” plate thickness

Please contact me first if you need the saw shipped outside the US.

Benchtop Half-back Saw $110

These saws are great to keep on the bench. They’re toothed at 11ppi with crosscut filing, this allows the saw to quickly break stock down to length. Whether the board is narrow or wide, this saw will handle it. Having a small back keeps the saw rigid, the exposed toe allows for cutting wide/thick stock.

-14” tooth line
- .025” plate thickness

Benchtop Half-backs will begin shipping Nov, 22nd.

Please contact me prior to purchasing a saw if shipping outside of the US.

Top to bottom:
Brown Ebony
Birdseye Maple (light figure)
Flame Birch

Top to bottom:
Bloodwood with sap on the bottom

Figured Walnut
Plain Walnut

Dovetail Saws

For the finer joinery tasks.

None currently available

Small Tenon Saws

Osage Orange

| Osage Handle - 13ppi Crosscut - Canted plate - 2 1/8" to 2 1/4" depth of cut - 10 3/4" blade length

Purchase Saw - $190.00


Benchtop Saws

| A handy saw to have close-by. Not built for fine joinery work but great for breaking down stock at the bench. Pulling out the full size panel saw for every wide board won't be necessary with one of these in your lineup. Light, compact, sharp, and cool.

None currently available

Sash Saws

Filed hybrid to make a well rounded workhorse.

Saws will be posted as they become available. Thanks!

Tenon Saws

None currently available

Halfback Saws

Follow your line while cutting your stock to size...and look good while doing it.

Saws will be posted as they become available. Thanks!