This business developed out of a love for working with my hands.

There is a difference between being a toolmaker and a tool supplier.

Toolmaker- Every tool that I sell is of my own design. An idea only becomes a product after hours of prototyping the design followed by trial and error testing. My shop is not an assortment of work benches where we unpack and assemble cloned parts manufactured by other businesses. It is a wood shop, machine shop, and a mini foundry. Machines we use:

Metal Lathes- used to make saw screws, split nuts, marking gauge parts, and prototyping.

Vertical Mill (Bridgeport)- Truing saw backs, slotting backs, slotting saw handles, marking gauge parts, accurate drilling, and prototyping.

CNC- Roughs out the saw handle blanks.

Shear- Cutting saw plates to specs.

Slip Roller- Straightening and flattening the spring steel.

Surface Grinder- Polishing/cleaning of saw plates, sharpening cutters, taper grinding.

Folley Retoother- Gives the saws their rough teeth.

Blast Furnace- This bad boy reaches temperatures of 3,000 degrees and allows for the casting of cast iron down to aluminum.

Bandsaw- Cuts out the saw handles rough shape.

Hammer Set- Because pistol grip sets are tiring after one saw.

Drill Press- We all know what happens here.

Planer- Getting that consistent handle thickness

…and an assortment of other tools used for various odds and ends.

Erik Florip (the person) is:

  • Dad
  • Marine Corps veteran
  • Maker
  • Super hilarious
  • Hater of snow
  • Obsessed with black locust