Saw Parts

If you're wanting to build your own is your chance.

I’m going to be doing a website upgrade that will allow this page to be more user friendly. I’f you need some parts in a pinch, send me an email. Thanks.

Available pitch: 6-16ppi

I’ll add saw screws in a few days.

Brass backs now available. Allow up to two weeks for delivery. I expect the turn around to be shorter as more raw material arrives.


Backs are folded from 1 1/2” strips- final height is right around 3/4”.

I offer backs folded from three thicknesses of plate- .09”, .102”, and .125” (1/8”)

Backs will be received in rough form. You’ll need to sand and file to achieve a nice finish. Occasionally a back will fold with one “leg” longer than the other. I won’t ship any backs with more than 1/16th difference between the two legs. You can spot a few of these in the picture above.

NOTE: Don’t try to put a .032” plate in a 10” or 12” back. I try to keep a flat profile on these backs which means they’re pretty tight. If you have a thicker plate for a back at these lengths, email me ahead of time.

Two weeks or less turn around time for saw plates.

Saw Plates

Sanding hardened steel is time consuming and it can be difficult to achieve an even surface finish. Save yourself some time with these saw plates. Each plate is ground under flood coolant after toothing. Grinding also removes material. Backsaw plates will be .002” to .0025” thinner than the original stock. For example- a .02” plate will be shipped as a .018” to .0175” plate.

If you’re wanting to build a panel saw, I have a plate for that…a double taper ground saw plate. Each taper ground plate will have .005” to .006” total taper. Taper pattern is the same as a traditional panel saw (half moon).